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    Personalized Pavingstone -- National Fundraising
        Your BEST VALUE = Experience + Quality + Price

We have been helping non-profit organizations with their funding needs for over 16 years. In that time we have helped in over 700 projects. We have helped many different types of organizations from small to large; alumni, city,
churches, museums, centennials, main streets, national and fraternal organizations, schools, sports groups, veterans,
zoos and many more. We understand the obstacles that you may face and can tell you how they were resolved elsewhere.
We make most of the pavingstone pavers we engrave, simply because most paver manufacturers do not produce
pavers with the face quality to meet our standards.  The pavers we engrave are carefully selected for face quality
to ensure that they etch sharply and clearly. The pavers we make have a high concentration of  very hard 
cement on their face; unlike other pavers with a lot of rock on their face. Having a smooth surface ensures that the
engraving is clear and sharp. They keep their new look and are easy to read for decades longer than ones made with standard pavers.
Call us for pricing -- you will be glad you did. People often tell us that we charge much less, often 1/2 or less.

                    Help with the Total Project is Available
 ( We don't just sell engraved bricks) We are fund raising specialist and use our expertise to help your project excel.
We offer help with fund raising ideas, project design, and we are regularly called on to advise project architects and
engineers with pave stone information. In our regional area we offer instillation services, or we can help find
experienced , reliable installers in your area. If you want to do the job yourself (DYS), we can get you the information you will need to do a great job, and where to get the proper materials and tools needed at the best prices.

                        Large variety of sizes and colors!
In pavingstone we offer 4x8, 8x8, 6x12, 12x12, 15x15 and 18x18 sizes in 5 stock colors, with custom colors available.
If your project calls for clay brick, tile, or natural stone, we can engrave on suitable material in the size or color that best fits your job needs.
                                         Mural Panels
A great way to show off your school spirit for schools and universities! Great fund raising tool for museums, parks and zoos. They are now being used by merchants in front of the doors with store logos etc. What a great fund raiser for your local chamber of commerce.
About Us

   Your questions are always welcome. Helping to make your fund raising easier and productive helps us also.

   Fund raising for non- profit organizations is our main objective

    We are not a sideline for some national paver, block, brick manufacturer or monument maker that come and go.
  Our main business is and will always be helping with your fund raising needs, no  matter how big or small they are.
       We make special pavers for engraving and offer installation to make sure you get the best product possible.

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