Paving Stone - What is it? Paving stone is a man made stone, made from high quality cement, specially selected sand and stone aggregates selected for  hardness, color and size, Iron oxide dyes and chemical additives.  They are made under high vibration and compaction to create an artificial stone that is much stronger than most stone or rock.  To be called a paving stone they must be over 8000 psi two to three times the strength of most concrete or common house brick. They continue to get harder with time.  Paving stones have an absorption rate of less than 5% which means that they are not noticeably affected by the freeze thaw cycle long term and not as slick as concrete or brick when wet.   

Paving stone -- Just how durable is it? Paving stone will out last the homes and buildings it is used with.  Most paving stone manufacturers give it a lifetime warranty in residential applications. Paving stones were used by the Roman and Incas to build roads that are still used today.  Paving stone has been in general use in Europe for many decades, where builders look at the long term they plan for not decades but centuries. 

Paving stone -- How expensive is it? In the long run it is the cheapest way to pave because you do it once.  Cement or asphalt cost less but need to be patched or replaced, often three or more times in life time of a building.  The first time you have to replace it pavestone would have been cheaper! Changes in moisture and temperature make all soils move, especially clay soils, this constant movement will brake up rigid paving like concrete.  Pavers are laid on a  layer of sand over a bed of compacted crushed stone designed to move with nature, therefore it never cracks or breaks.   

Paving stone -- How about maintenance? Paving stone need virtually no maintenance, except to be swept form time to time. No need for sealers except in rare cases.  If repairs need to be done to utilities underneath, just pull up the pavers ( commonly know as unzipping or zipping up a street because it is so easy) do the repair job put them back down, and you do not have any indication that anything was done, no patches and use it at once.   

Paving stone -- Can there be a more beautiful way to pave? Paving stone gives you the ability to make your project a thing of beauty.  Because pavers come in a wide variety of colors, sizes and shapes they make it easy to design your project just right.   

Paving stone -- What about installation? We can help you make installation fit your needs and finances. We can do the installation for you turn key, or recommend experienced installers in your area, or if you want to do it yourself we can furnish you with information on proper installation, what tools and materials you will need and where to get the best prices. 


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